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April 28, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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This week at Roastville I met two amazing Colombians, who are passionate and dedicated to giving back! Immediately I was intrigued I wanted to know how Roastville could contribute.
Their names are Camillo and Peter, Camillo a keen surfer and Peter The Colombian adventurer.
Peter recently spent a year in the middle of the pacific on a surfing trip and was inspired by the community, he saw there was children who had great talent and ability, however did not have the tools or means to maximise their potential.
Camillo and Peter believe that by encouraging kids to get involved with arts, surf, yoga and meditation will help their minds to develop in a positive way.
Many of these kids don’t have the opportunity to play sports and kids are recruited in local trades which a drug and crime fulled.
Camillo and Peter shared a recent story about the happiness of the Basket Ball court. They have fixed a broken Basket Ball ring and refurbished the court, kids have been playing day and night and this has bought a sense of community.
Here at Roastville we will be selling these Roses that are imported from Colombia and profits will go towards these communities. There is no plastic involved and 100% of this product is biodegradable.
Check out their insta @beansandpetals
With Love

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